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How to See the Hidden Sides of Alaska

Alaska gets millions of visitors every year, but most of them stick within a well-defined radius set by cruise itineraries. While cruising is great way to see Alaska’s beauty, cruises don’t give you much chance to interact with the local culture. To experience the Alaska that few travelers ever see, you’ll want to journey to the far west, east, and north of the state to seek out remote communities, local experiences, and people living in extremes that most of us can’t even fathom.

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5 Ways to Explore Canada's Bay of Fundy

It rolls in, it rolls out; Canada’s Bay of Fundy is never still. Tucked between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world. You could simply watch as the water fills up that 50-foot-deep hole, or you could use the phenomenon as an opportunity to see the Atlantic in a whole new way. Here, five adventures to find on, in, and around the Bay of Fundy

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What to do in a ski town if you don't ski

I recently went to Banff, Canada in the winter to prove it’s not just about skiing. It's possible for adventure buffs to find plenty of chilly, heart-pounding fun and still meet your friends après ski. Here are six great alternatives to seek out before resigning yourself to the lodge.