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Coffee drinker, photo lover, nomadic traveler since 2006. Found at

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Glamping article

Caravan Glamping in Berlin

Outdoor Americana Goes Indoors in Western Europe with caravan glamping in Berlin.

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Glamping in the Outback Northern Territory Australia -

Glamping in the Outback Northern Territory Australi...

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Urban Glamping with Hazel

I understand camping isn't for everyone. There are bugs, variable temperatures, sleeping on the ground, no wifi – that’s why they invented Glamping! However, I also understand that glamping is stil......

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A Glamping Balancing Act

“What is this gramping about?” my father asks on our way to the Ridgeback Lodge on Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick. “Dad, it’s called glaaammping, “I pronounce loudly and slowly so that hopeful......

Longitude 131 4 article

Desert Luxury at Longitude 131

I looked out of my plane window and saw a reddish-orange desert landscape peppered with a surprising amount of green shrubs.  I stared at the flat, barren land surprised at how vibrant it was.  Thi......

Alure boutique villas 1 article

Small Town, Big Luxury Glamping in Queensland

“People thought we were mad.  They wondered who the ‘new-to-town’ crazy women were.” Ruth said as she looked at Marion with a slight laugh and a smirk.  Their non-verbals told a story of triumph, c......

Spicers canopy 3 article

Spicers Canopy Scenic Rim Trail: Nature By Day Luxury By Night

I pulled up in my rental car and was greeted by Hanna and James, our guides from Spicers Canopy. James took my bag and whisked it away informing me it would be waiting for me at my tent when we fin......