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Coffee drinker, photo lover, nomadic traveler since 2006. Found at

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Salt by sherry ott article

"Welcome to Jordan!" Seven tips to help you achieve total local ...

n Jordan, expect to be welcomed multiple times from tour guides, bus drivers, shop venders, kids, taxi drivers, and people randomly on the street. The locals kill you with kindness. I found myself travelling more local and closer to the ground than I had ever done in another country because Jordan is the type of country where finding local experiences are easy

Niece project sherry ott blog article

Family travel redefined with Niece Project | Home | Intrepid Travel Blog

The definition of family is evolving, so find out why Sherry Ott started Niece Project and learn where niece #3 has decided to travel....

Peru ottsworld kevin challenge blog article

The real World Cup in Peru | Home | Intrepid Travel Blog

Peru might not have officially qualified for the World Cup in 2014, but you'd never know it in this small village high in the Andes....

Vietnam niece project rickshaws sherry ott blog article

First passport stamp: Vietnam! | Home | Intrepid Travel Blog

"How am I supposed to choose from any country in the world?" This was the dilemma for Evie since her aunt told her she would take her anywhere for a week....