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Coffee drinker, photo lover, nomadic traveler since 2006. Found at

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O indian rickshaw facebook article
The Huffington Post

The Most Chaotic Driving in the World

Take all of your driving rules that you've grown up with and forget them because India is no place for rules. However, after spending two weeks in the drivers seat in India, I did notice a few trends I could begin to rely on.......

O dining hawaii facebook article
The Huffington Post

Fine Dining Goes to the Farm in Hawaii

I stared at the nine acres of watercress fields surrounded by concrete buildings and consumerism. This was hardly what I imagined when I was thinking of "farm to table" cuisine!......

O glamping facebook article
The Huffington Post

How to Navigate Your Glamping Choices in Australia

The word glamorous can mean different thing to different people. Being someone who believes glamour is simply wearing makeup, I'm guessing that my definition of glamorous is pretty different than say Kim Kardashian.......

The Huffington Post

Patagonia Parks: How Can You Pick Just One?

What happens when you have two equally gorgeous parks in one of the most picturesque places on the globe, but can only choose one?......

The Huffington Post

McDonalds and the Traveler

Eating at McDonald's in a foreign country does not make you a despicable traveler. There, I said it. Hate me now.......

O us uk ca facebook article
The Huffington Post

Protecting Paradise on Maui

How can you meet locals in Hawaii? Volunteer. While in Maui I took a big turn off the tourist trail and ended up at the Waihee Coastal Dunes and Wetland Refuge. I rolled up my sleeves and prepared to get dirt under my fingernails as I re-learned t......

O sherry ott facebook article
The Huffington Post

New York City Digs Out

I got up early as the sun came up to photograph the Upper West Side as it woke up from the much-hyped Hercules. But it appears New Yorkers weren't phased by the ominous storm. They were enjoying Central Park, commuting as usual -- and some even stra......

O us uk ca facebook article
The Huffington Post

How Quitting Your Job to Travel Enhances Your Career

We all fantasize about it, taking your job and shoving it, hopping on a plane, and heading out to see the world. But what keeps us from actually living out this fantasy?......