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Story about love bell tower 3 article

A Real-Life German Fairytale You Can Be Part Of

This Valentine’s day, skip the flowers and chocolates — instead, why don’t you travel to a place that will remind you what love is really all about. That place is Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, and when I visited last fall, I discovered a tale of romance that uplifted my heart.

Hearts around the world kauai hawaii article

Hidden Hearts Found Around the World

My theory in life is to just live the life you want and love will find you. However, in my travels I do search for signs of love. And throughout the years in various corners of the world, I’ve found them. Some are obvious, and some are hidden.

Antarctica museum article

5 Surprising Things You Can Do in Antarctica

“Welcome to Antarctica!” the voice in front of me boomed. Surprised to hear the sentence verbalized for me, a wave of excitement rolled through my body. A hand was extended out to me and I instinctively grabbed it in the ‘sailor grip’ that we were taught on the ship. It felt like I was moving in slow motion when I looked up at the face of my greeter to the seventh continent — all I could do was smile

Reindeer article

How to Befriend a Reindeer in Alaska

As reindeer roamed freely in the Running Reindeer Ranch yard and around the cars, the owner, Jane Atkinson, greeted us and started filling our heads with fascinating reindeer facts.

Travel fear article

How to Overcome Your Travel Fears

Your heart races, you start to sweat, and a state of intense fear overcomes you; this is terror. Chances are that if you are contemplating taking a career break or doing long-term travel, your journey to achieving your travel dreams are full of terror and fear.

Xmas article

How German Christmas Ornaments Went Viral in the 19th Century

You put them on your tree every year, but have you ever wondered — why? Why do we hang glass balls on a tree? It’s really kind of strange if you think about it. Yet we do it all around the world, year after year.

Tumblr inline nyyimmldtg1tcrvl6 540 article

8 Things To Do in a Ski Town if You Don't Ski

I just don’t like to ski. Hurtling down a mountain with no control isn’t fun to me, it’s stressful. I didn’t have to look far to find things to do in Banff in winter that didn’t include downhill skiing. These heart-pounding adventures were things I had never done before which made them all the more exciting to me to try.

Tumblr inline nyr3bmy5hg1tcrvl6 540 article

Less Is More: How to Make 48 Hours Count in Chicago

If you have 48 hours in a city, you often feel like you have to jam in everything in a short time. However, this trip I decided to slow down and spend more time just looking around, to focus on the idea that less is more. What can you do in 48 hours in Chicago? Turns out, quite a lot.hoo Travel

Tumblr inline nylokgxlw01tcrvl6 540 article

99 Travel Tips From Someone Who's Been Traveling for a Decade

I’ve been on the road nine years to all continents and about 65 countries, and I normally shy away from giving people lots of advice about travel, as everyone’s tastes are different and I don’t profess to be an expert. But after nine years of living on the road, I think I have earned the right to share some of my best tips — travel tips that I use all the time.

Tumblr inline nxbnyu5cbs1tp4y0w 1280 article

The Home of the Indianapolis 500 Is a Great Place to Slow Down

while this is a city of fast cars, it’s also a city of more leisurely pursuits — a haven for creators, innovators, and artists, for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t mind taking the slow lane, and for food lovers who want to linger over a delicious dinner. Here’s how to take a relaxing and reinvigorating break in Indianapolis.

D5b725711ab37d5da2bb2f521bfd3af99c0f832e article

The Most Unusual Destinations for Viewing Fall Colors

The Most Unusual Destinations for Viewing Fall Colo...

9e0e35ec374e8b55a7e88ff042114887c930cba0 article

These Hills Are Alive: 8 Outdoor Adventures in the Spanish Pyrenees

These Hills Are Alive: 8 Outdoor Adventures in the ...

E326305c1b64acaa2052d2a85cc6709db2da6408 article

The Perfect Weekend in Cartagena

The Perfect Weekend in Cartagena

1fff533b1456a3281430618b433bebe010956a1f article

Why I Don't Need My Own Kids to Be a Family Traveler

Why I Don't Need My Own Kids to Be a Family Travele...

F807e84486d7b801b41ed49d3c9b6faa9ede7093 article

Conquer Ireland's Scariest Road (and Your Fears) on a Coastal ...

Conquer Ireland's Scariest Road (and Your Fears) on...