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"Welcome to Jordan!" Seven tips to help you achieve total local ...

n Jordan, expect to be welcomed multiple times from tour guides, bus drivers, shop venders, kids, taxi drivers, and people randomly on the street. The locals kill you with kindness. I found myself travelling more local and closer to the ground than I had ever done in another country because Jordan is the type of country where finding local experiences are easy

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How to See the Hidden Sides of Alaska

Alaska gets millions of visitors every year, but most of them stick within a well-defined radius set by cruise itineraries. While cruising is great way to see Alaska’s beauty, cruises don’t give you much chance to interact with the local culture. To experience the Alaska that few travelers ever see, you’ll want to journey to the far west, east, and north of the state to seek out remote communities, local experiences, and people living in extremes that most of us can’t even fathom.

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5 Ways to Explore Canada's Bay of Fundy

It rolls in, it rolls out; Canada’s Bay of Fundy is never still. Tucked between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world. You could simply watch as the water fills up that 50-foot-deep hole, or you could use the phenomenon as an opportunity to see the Atlantic in a whole new way. Here, five adventures to find on, in, and around the Bay of Fundy

Story about love bell tower 3 article

A Real-Life German Fairytale You Can Be Part Of

This Valentine’s day, skip the flowers and chocolates — instead, why don’t you travel to a place that will remind you what love is really all about. That place is Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, and when I visited last fall, I discovered a tale of romance that uplifted my heart.

Hearts around the world kauai hawaii article

Hidden Hearts Found Around the World

My theory in life is to just live the life you want and love will find you. However, in my travels I do search for signs of love. And throughout the years in various corners of the world, I’ve found them. Some are obvious, and some are hidden.

Snowshoeing alberta 1 article

What to do in a ski town if you don't ski

I recently went to Banff, Canada in the winter to prove it’s not just about skiing. It's possible for adventure buffs to find plenty of chilly, heart-pounding fun and still meet your friends après ski. Here are six great alternatives to seek out before resigning yourself to the lodge.

Antarctica museum article

5 Surprising Things You Can Do in Antarctica

“Welcome to Antarctica!” the voice in front of me boomed. Surprised to hear the sentence verbalized for me, a wave of excitement rolled through my body. A hand was extended out to me and I instinctively grabbed it in the ‘sailor grip’ that we were taught on the ship. It felt like I was moving in slow motion when I looked up at the face of my greeter to the seventh continent — all I could do was smile

Reindeer article

How to Befriend a Reindeer in Alaska

As reindeer roamed freely in the Running Reindeer Ranch yard and around the cars, the owner, Jane Atkinson, greeted us and started filling our heads with fascinating reindeer facts.

Travel fear article

How to Overcome Your Travel Fears

Your heart races, you start to sweat, and a state of intense fear overcomes you; this is terror. Chances are that if you are contemplating taking a career break or doing long-term travel, your journey to achieving your travel dreams are full of terror and fear.

Xmas article

How German Christmas Ornaments Went Viral in the 19th Century

You put them on your tree every year, but have you ever wondered — why? Why do we hang glass balls on a tree? It’s really kind of strange if you think about it. Yet we do it all around the world, year after year.

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Take a Hands-On Sailing Adventure on Sydney Harbour - Sydney ...

So much of Sydney culture is centered around the water. The famous opera house perched out on the waterfront, the Harbour Bridge, ferries, beaches, surfing and more. I decided I needed to explore the water culture further. The best way to do that is to get out on the harbor. And instead of simply floating along drinking champagne like most tour options offer, I was looking for a real experience. That’s how I ended up as part of a racing team on an America’s Cup-class sailboat!

Glamping article

Caravan Glamping in Berlin

Outdoor Americana Goes Indoors in Western Europe with caravan glamping in Berlin.

Viator renegade met tour sherry ott 3 article

Exploring the Stories Behind the Art on a Renegade Tour of the Met

It was a Friday night when I met my tour group in the lobby of the Met, Michelle was easy to spot, her canvas tote bag that read “Museums are F*%#cking Awesome” was a dead giveaway. It put a smile on my face as I thought about how museums normally made me feel slightly uncomfortable, like I don’t belong, but I could tell tonight that wouldn’t be the case.

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8 Things To Do in a Ski Town if You Don't Ski

I just don’t like to ski. Hurtling down a mountain with no control isn’t fun to me, it’s stressful. I didn’t have to look far to find things to do in Banff in winter that didn’t include downhill skiing. These heart-pounding adventures were things I had never done before which made them all the more exciting to me to try.

Vietnam sherry ott 6 600x325 article

Challenges of a Middle Aged TEFL Teacher | Teaching House ...

Overcoming the challenges of making a mid-life career change and moving halfway across the world.