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Coffee drinker, photo lover, nomadic traveler since 2006. Found at

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China 5 article

Traveling Through Old China in a New Way - USTOA Blog

Old/New, Ancient/Modern whatever you call it, opposites attract. China, maybe more than any other country, lives in this world of opposites. With a culture that dates back 4,000 years, China is considered one of the ancient civilizations along with Egypt, Babylon, and India. Today, however, its years of traditions are clashing up against the modern world and an economy growing at a rapid rate. It’s a petri dish of old and new intermixing, elders and hipsters co-mingling, braided together in a complex waltzing partnership; one in which you never quite know who is going to take the lead.

Food 2 article

Exploring China's Food Scene

Don't know what to eat or how to order in China? Get some help exploring the food scenes in Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai with the USTOA Blog

Bazurto market 1 article

Bazurto Market to Table

The ground was soft and wet with little puddles of muddy water mixed with fish guts, scales, blood and who knows what else. This wasn’t a good day to be wearing flip-flops. All of my senses were on high alert while traversing Bazurto Market.

Cartagena dance lessons 1 article

The Beat Goes On in Cartagena

As I walked around the Old City, I watched a waitress move her hips to the beat and pump her arms up in the air for a moment as if everything else around her has disappeared.